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“The second piece is the strongest of the evening, a monologue delivered by Geena (the riveting Stacey Raymond)…Raymond gives one of the most precise, lucid and exciting performances I’ve seen recently, restraining her considerable energy except for those moments when she explodes against her will. Powerful stuff.” – The New York Blade (Faces…Voices – HERE Arts Center)

"The charming Stacey Raymond brings a witty sensibility to Mae with her wry delivery and energetic flair." - (The Cult Play - Phoenix Theatre Ensemble)

"The cast is well-rounded and sympathetic, especially Stacey Raymond as the new recruit (and audience stand-in), Mae. Not to be missed!” - Show Score (The Cult Play - Phoenix Theatre Ensemble)

"...when she meets cool Mae (excitingly good Stacey Raymond)..." - Rockland Review (The Cult Play - Phoenix Theatre Ensemble)

“Anchorpectoris has a uniformly strong cast with Stacey Raymond particularly hilarious as a rapper.“ – The Village Voice (Anchorpectoris – La MaMa)

“Stacey Raymond as Gerty is quite good, especially during a hilarious dance with a hot, red bra.“ – (Chic & Sassy – P.S. 122)

“Stacey Raymond plays the college-aged daughter, Faith, and does a nice job conveying a woman-child who isn’t quite ready to move out of her mother’s house but doesn’t quite want to admit it.” – The Star-Ledger (Kindertransport – The Bickford Theater)

“Lex Before Marriage by Jen Silverman, directed by Jessi D. Hill, explores an impending lesbian wedding…a character named “The Lesbian” (played with gusto by Stacey Raymond) takes the short work to the edges of experimentalism while still parsing gay marriage in a linear format.” – (Lex Before Marriage – Red Fern Theatre Company)


Visible Soul: People You Should Know...Stacey Raymond



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